Early DATS.

Can we make this a spin-off series, please ;x;

Think Metal Heroes meets Japanese police drama with the same horn-ridden soundtrack 8D



I DID THAT BY MISTAKE :<  I screwed with your heart and now I must pay for it

So I saw someone in the Pachirisu tag that has a /massive/ hateboner for it.

Dude, it’s not about running a Pachirisu in Singles, it wasn’t built for that. It’s about a magical concept called “strategy”, where a little Pachirisu wound up being a perfect component in a winning team, and brains triumphed over brute force. And because tournaments are Double Battles, Pachirisu wound up being Se Jun Park’s answer to a highly centralized metagame, and it forced people to realize you can’t just punch your way though battles.

It also made people realize that, under certain circumstances, they don’t have to compromise and can run the Pokémon they like best. Does this mean you can send out, say, a Leavanny against a Charizard? Not by itself you don’t. But if you have a tanky partner that can redirect those 4x super-effective attacks, or recognize what Leavanny is most appropriate against, it can be an amazing special sweeper. Even little Castform, which Smogon relentlessly ridiculed and mocked for its unimpressive stats and gimmick, can help you win if you train it a certain way and pair it up with the right team.

This is an age where brawn is valued over brains, so naturally people will be furious a little Pachirisu defied all their metagame expectations. But it’s also going to make all of the truly intelligent trainers watching take notice. And it’s going to increase the amount of players who value strategy over “throw a Mega Kangaskhan at it”.

And that’s going to make even more memorable tournaments in the future, all thanks to the little Pachirisu that could. You’re welcome.

The teams are ready (big thanks to devkyu for helping me evolve Perchta) so the quest to get all of them Champion Ribbons begins. Wish us luck.

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As soon as everyone is ready and I’ve bred/trained/loved up each team, I’m going to tackle the Kalos Elite Four and the Champion with each 00-number’s Pokémon team.  Can anyone temp-trade a Dusclops so I can get a Dusknoir, though?  That would be unbelievably helpful as I’d really love to have Perchta as a Dusknoir when I send 004’s team up!

(Yes, 80% of them are Pokégen-ed, I’ll admit that; I may yet breed competition-legal Kalos-born ones at some point…and breed Contest-ready ones for 003’s team since she does Contests)

Mega Audino makes my heart happy because we finally have a 5th gen Mega.  But I still would really like a Mega Galvantula.

I’m surprised nobody’s based a design off of a spider ballooning and floating with its silk.  Really, they can get a speed boost and have an Ability that increases evasion or decreases accuracy whenever it gets hit with a physical move, just by ballooning with electric silk and using the static to float.  Mega Evolutions like Mega Kangaskhan, Mega Sableye and heck, the recently-revealed Mega Slowbro shows their appearance doesn’t have to change much.

Also Mega Leavanny with Filter.  If you wonder what it should look like, I go with this design.


shinyhappydigistar saw my KLK*Rocket and her brain broke.

This is what we do all day while she’s at work.

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"Taichi Yagami, age 17, high schooler"

"In spring of 2015"

"A new Digimon series!"

"Once more, the adventure evolves!"

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